Services Available

Forging Shop

The Forge Shop is equipped with the following hammers, presses and other supporting machines to provide technical training and common facilities services to the industries: –

  • Forging Press, Capacity 600 Ton (Make Jing Duann) Taiwan
  • Belt Drop Hammer, Capacity – 2 Ton (Make Rattan Hammers)
  • Belt Drop Hammer, Capacity – 1 Ton (Make BACHE)
  • Power Press, Capacity 120 Ton (Make Zani Italy)
  • Power Press, Capacity 100 Ton (Make Basant)
  • Power Press, Capacity 50 Ton (Make Basant)
  • Power Press, Capacity 200 Ton (Make Ameteep)
  • Billet Shearing Machine, Capacity 100 MM (Make Basant)
  • Oil Fired Furnaces – 2 Nos. (Make Encon Thermal)
  • Induction Heater 125 KW (Make Inductotherm)
  • Power Press- Capaciter 80 Ton (Make Narindra Press)
  • Forge Blank Reduce Roller – Capacity up to 56MM Diameter(Make Rattan)
  • Induction Heater 100KW (Maker Stead Fast Thermals)
  • Power Press Capacity 150 Ton (Make Rattan)
  • Automatic Band sawing Machine (Vice Capacity 350 x 350MM) Make Indo Tech
  • Automatic Band sawing Machine (Vice Capacity 300 x 300MM) Make Indo Tech

This department is providing common facility services by way of forging following Hand Tools: –

  • Claw Hammer
  • Open End Spanner
  • Brick Bolster
  • Masson Hammer
  • Pipe Wrench
  • Bearing Puller
  • Ring Spanner
  • Pipe Fittings
  • Valve Fitting
  • Jumbo Spanner
  • Slogging Wrenches (Open and Ring)
  • Auto Parts, Tie Rod, etc.
  • Container Parts Like (Lever, Hing Bracket)
  • Electrical Transmission Accessories (Like U – Shacket and Braket)

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